Blue Heron Wellness

A hands-on healing arts practice for women

Blue Heron's Mission:

 To inspire and support women who want to gently heal from trauma, deepen their spiritual walk, or simply have more joy and ease in their lives.

"It's amazing how much how little will do"

-Hugh Milne

"When you touch

one thing with

deep awareness, 

you touch


- Lao Tzu 

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Support for discovering the healing tides of your body.


Gentle release from the fight, flight, freeze, appease responses to trauma.

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A playful collection of breath, sound and movement techniques for greater ease.


Dive deeper into the realm of recovery, healing and support for a spiritual life.

“I feel much more grounded after a session with you.

It really helps calm me down.”

            C.N.W., Nurse


Dawn Elizabeth Hunt, RN BSN

Tel: 434-806-3165

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