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Unfolding—A Poem

Hi there.

Several years ago I wrote a poem called "Unfolding"—mostly as a reminder to myself about how to live with some equanimity in this crazy world. How to be kind to myself. And therefore kind to others. That poem was part of the process as I mused about the name for this blog. I share it with you here in the hope that it might offer you a touch of kindness.

In my next post I'll talk about sharing the colors of life. And body resting like a mountain.

Until then,



Loosen, fingers,

loosen your death grip on this very day.

Open to the atmosphere of open,

drink in large draughts of clear.

Hear the rain linger freely on your blessed face.

Breathe in the wreathes of a hero’s laughter,

for life is an enormous,

and very tender,


That dark cellar,

those cruel rememberings,

can be at rest for the day.

Rivers bubble gradually from springs

long before they go swaying through the wilderness.

Mountains green softly into hills over eons, no sooner.

These are the rhythms of the great heart of a whale

were she to become a world.

This is the unheralded music, the slow rhyme,

waiting to be savored and held

in your loose and local fingers

this very day.

Here's a printable copy of the poem if you are interested.

Photo: Waranont Joe, unSplash


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