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Anti-Covidanxiety Toolkits: Lists of Tools

As promised, here is the list of all the tools in all the toolkits so far. Or consider it an atlas of maps.

None of these tools will make everything better, especially if you just do them once. But I have found that weaving some of them into my daily life, and doing them repeatedly—like breathing, like eating—is really helping. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Note that I have included a link for each toolkit, but not for individual tools. The tools are, however, in order as they are found within the toolkits, so once you get into the toolkit just scroll down to find the tool you you want.

Original Toolkit

- Prayer and meditation

- Zapchen

- Ahhhhhhhhhh

- Horselips

- Humming

- Wow

- A space of grace

- Hands on

- Get outside

- Be active/exercise

- Laugh and smile

- Help something grow

- Power poses

- Limit COVID-related screen time

- Pandemic poem

- Martial arts story

Toolkit #2

- Gratitude

- Notice the little things

- Zapchen

- Whispered ahhhhhhhhhh

- Hum with someone

- Jiggling

- Become aware of your feet

- Thanks for sharing

- Repeat a phrase many times

- Read inspirational material

- Coloring

- Remember spring?

- Cartoons and memes

Toolkit #3

- Zapchen

- Ahhhhhhh looking at the sky

- Yawning

- Playful retching

- Mix and match

- Mini-sabbath

- Emotions follow body (including Peanuts cartoon

- News fasting

- The lake meditation

- Inspiration from our ancestors

Toolkit #4

- If you slip, get up

- Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

  • Including you

- Live and let live

- Help stop the contagion of fear and anxiety

- Reel it in

Mini-Toolkit (for those with little time;

can be done while doing other things or just take a few seconds)

- Ahhhhhhhhhh

- Humming

- Jiggling

- Horselips

- Feel your feet

- Yawning

- Gratitude

- Laughing

- Smiling

Toolkit #5

- Take a break

- If you are thirsty, drink

- Go outside and feel the breeze

- Stop wearing your shoulders as earrings

- Turn your head, s-l-o-w-l-y side to side

- Move your eyes s-l-o-w-l-y side to side

- Dance while you wash your hands

Toolkit #6

- Admit your frustration

- Swish your feet around

- Talking funny (zapchen)

- Hand on your heart

- Accept your humanity: your limits and your mortality

Toolkit #7

- Hands-on

- Palm icons

- Touch your palm

- Patting (zapchen)

- Squeezing

Toolkit #8

- Make your own menu

- Half-size that window

- Think about a pink-spotted giraffe

- Feelie hearts

- Tolkien quote

Toolkit #9

- Share stories

- Allow sadness

Migrating from "Anti-Covidanxiety Toolkits"

- On Courage

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