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Easing the Journey Through Shadow & Light

  • Dawn

Body Rests like a Mountain

Hi there.

In the thoughtful, left-leaning evangelical circles I ran in during my 20s and 30s (and yes, “thoughtful, left-leaning evangelical” is not an oxymoron!), it was popular to say that we wanted to share our faith, not because we felt superior or special—it was more like one beggar telling another beggar where to get bread.

There will always be times when we are beggars, or feel we are. And it's true that we desperately need more of that kind of humility in the world. But it could also become a kind of grim approach to life. So I like to think of this blog being more like one artist telling another where to get paint.

"Hey! I found this very cool, kind of translucent blue, like the western sky after the sun has gone down...transcendent...

and lovely. You might want to check it out.”

I hope my blog will be like that, at least occasionally.

In that vein, I offer one of my favorites poems, "Body Rests Like a Mountain"—a short Buddhist meditation adapted and re-worded by Tibetan Buddhist lama Julie Henderson, creator of zapchen and the author of Embodying Wellbeing: How to Feel as Good as You Can In Spite of Everything.

Like any good poem or meditation, the more you use it the more it flowers and expands.


Next time I'll write about why I felt so happy when I found out that our brains have a natural tendency towards negativity.

Until then,


Body rests like a mountain

Breath moves like the sea

Heart like the sky

Paint photo: Denise Johnson, unSplash

Mountain-sea-sky photo: Alvaro Reyes, unSplash


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