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Easing the Journey Through Shadow & Light

  • Dawn

Ease-ment of the Month: Horselips.... Bbbbbbbbbbbbbb!

Just a reminder that I will be posting twice a month now, sharing an "ease-ment" (previously known as an anti-anxiety tool) the first Wednesday of the month and a regular blog post the third Wednesday.

Here's a great way to ease tension: Horselips

Take a deep, easy breath, then blow it out somewhat slowly through loose but semi-pursed lips, making a sound just like a horse. Written out phonetically it would probably look like this: bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!

It's hard to do horselips if you are smiling or laughing, and hard not to laugh if you are doing it. It’s a sound many of us make spontaneously at times, when we’re frustrated or tense. And that’s the point. This silly little exercise can help if you are feeling like “I just can’t!” Or if your mouth is all tensed up, or maybe even a little pouty.

You can do a 2-3 second bbbbbbb...or do shorter bursts. Don’t worry if you can’t do it right away—sometimes it takes several tries, even if you’ve been practicing for a while. In fact, doing short loose bursts can sometimes help you relax enough to do a longer one.This is all about loosening up and letting go of tension, so remember to be playful.

If you find yourself making “raspberries” you need to loosen up your lips. If all you can do is laugh, well—that’s not a bad thing, is it?

Do it just a few times, then pause. This is an important part of the exercise. Pause and lightly observe any sensations in your body. Or just pause, then do it again if you want. Or pause because you can't help but laugh. But don't overdo it. And don't force yourself.

Be silly. Have fun. Relax.

A final note: As a former labor and delivery nurse I was fascinated to discover a YouTube video from a group called "Big Wheel of Birth" on using horselips in labor. I wish I'd known about that back in the day!

Horselips is one of those "zapchen" exercises. In my next post I'll share more about zapchen.

Until next time,


Photo credits:

Horse, unknown

Baby horselips, Nihal Karkala, unSplash


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