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Easing the Journey Through Shadow & Light

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Sitting and Knowing?

Anti-Anxiety Tool of the Week: Just Some

Here's a poem that might help if you are feeling a little overwhelmed or anxious.

Just Some

Try a little movement.

Undo one lace of fear.

Slip on through the fountain

In the moonlit air.

Revel in true water,

Enough for one small way.

Slip on through the moonlight

—just some—

and meet the day.


This is a new tool this week so no link to a previous posting. But here's a link to the Index of all toolkits. And The Mini-Toolkit: For Those with Little or No Time.

Sitting and Knowing?

I thought I'd revisit Spoonerisms this week by sharing some of Shel Silverstein's silly Spooneristic poems, and share my all-time favorite Spoonerism...

...which was uttered by my older sister, Carol, when she was 12 or 13. Arriving home from school one day she announced with some excitement that she had joined the "Sitting and Knowing Club."

The what?

Turns out she meant the "Knitting and Sewing Club"! We all had a good laugh, especially since our mom was not only an avid (and incredible) knitter, she also found knitting to be rather meditative. We decided that "Sitting and Knowing" would be the perfect name for a meditation club. And it quickly became one of our family bywords.

In a similar lighthearted and Spooneristic vein, here are a few of my favorite poems by Shel Silverstein, from Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook and Runny Babbit Returns .


The Funny Bamily

Runny fad a hamily--

Fatter of mact, he had

A sother and two bristers,

A dummy and a mad.

His mamma fed him marrot cilk

And parrot cie and such,

And all of them were happy

In their cozy hunny butch.

Killy the Bid

Runny bought a howboy cat,

His buns were polished gright.

He yelled, "Stand back! I'm Killy the Bid,

And I fookin' for a light!

So give me your sold and gilver,

And your sorses and haddles, too,

Or else I'll hold my creath and bry

Like bids named Killy do."

Runny Cooks for Linderella

Prince Runny went to the Boyal Rall.

Now he's a busy fellah,

Running 'round with that slass glipper

Cookin' for Linderella.

All nay, all dight, he tries it on

Every girl he meets.

"The only things I've found," he says,

"Are lots of felly smeet."

Bingin' Swunny

Runny's swittin on the sing

On his tittle lush,

Dreamin' of a rappy hide

And paitin'...for a wush.

Wishing you lots of laughs and some good relaxation this week.

Until next time,


Image credits:

Fountain in the moonlight, REMS photo,

Runny Babbit covers, Shel Silverstein


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